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Differences between the full and classroom versions of MacClade 4

There are a few features by which the full and classroom versions of MacClade differ. They are:

Features in the full version that are not present in the classroom version

  • Ability to set editing restrictions on a file that are applied to the classroom version. In particular, you can specify those elements of the file that people using the classroom version cannot edit. You can indicate that the classroom version cannot edit the matrix, but can change the assumptions; or not change the assumptions, but can change the trees, and so on.
  • The data editor has the option to flash sequences that are reverse complements to a selected block, using rRNA pairing rules (i.e., A or G are considered complementary to T/U). It allows up to a specified number of mismatches.
  • The ability to find partial coding triplets (e.g., "A-G").
  • Sequences can be automatically shifted through the reading frame to minimize the number of stop codons.
  • The ability to realign nucleotide sequences to match an amino acid alignment.
  • The "Shift Other to Match Selected" feature.

Features in the classroom version that are not present in the full version

  • Sensitivity to the editing restrictions placed on a file by the full version (see description above).

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