MacClade 3 Bug List

Wayne P. Maddison and David R. Maddison
14 August 1996

Here is a list of the known bugs in MacClade 3.

Unless otherwise stated, bugs fixed in version 3.0x of MacClade were present in version 3.0 through 3.0x-1. (For example, most bugs fixed in version 3.03 were present in versions 3.0-3.02.) Unless otherwise stated, the bug was found by us and has not been reported by a user. Bugs marked with may affect the numerical results presented by MacClade.

Bugs fixed in 3.01

Bugs fixed in 3.02

Bugs fixed in 3.03

Bugs fixed in 3.04

Bugs fixed in 3.05

Bugs fixed in 3.06

Bugs fixed in 3.07

Bugs fixed in 3.08

Unfixed Bugs

"Suboptimalities" we haven't done anything about yet

Other Anomalies

These are "anomalies" that are apparently not MacClade's fault.